Happy Valley Towing Company

Are you stuck in your car someplace?

A truck and a driver are not that far from you. Maybe they can help.

Get Assistance With These Issues Around Portland:

  • Around the clock towing near Sunnyside
  • Fuel delivery – deliver some gas when you’re running on empty
  • Car locksmith service – unlock a locked car
  • Jumpstart your car – jump your battery and get it started
  • Flat tire replace – if you have a spare tire

Locally Owned and Operated

You may have noticed one of the local trucks along the side of the road more than once.

Your local tow company’s goal is to provide helpful service as fast and as affordably as possible.

Lots of us experience a car concern every so often.

When you have one, it’s simple to organize a remedy.

Look for a Local Tow Operator

Car Meets Tow

We know how troublesome it is to not be able to just get in your car or truck and go.

When you phone, your local dispatcher will begin attempting to get the next ready tow driver sent to your location.

Modern tow trucks are clean and modern.

The drivers are cautious and experienced.

There are community regulations Oregon towing companies are supposed to observe.

All drivers fully understand and follow all these guidelines.

If you have a straightforward issue, maybe your tow driver may help right at your current location.

He could fix a flat tire, start up a car with a weak battery, or open a locked vehicle.

But in lots of instances, you will need to transport your vehicle someplace to have it serviced.

No-Hassle Towing near Happy Valley

If an accident or technical challenge has you stuck by the side of the highway or in a parking lot, the local tow driver can safely pick up your car and move it to where it should be.

Local tow operators should be careful when they work with your car, they will try everything in their power to help keep your car from being harmed or nicked.

Dead Battery Jump Start Service Near Happy Valley

Thinking you’ve got a dead battery?

Car doesn’t start? It won’t make any noise at all as you try to start it?

You can typically get your car started by connecting a charged battery to your weak one.

And once you have it started, your battery will become fully charged up as you drive around.

If the cause behind why the auto won’t start isn’t the battery, but instead, some other component in the starting system, then a mere jump start won’t get the vehicle running.

In those circumstances, your driver will pick the car up and transport it to whatever repair garage or auto mechanic you like.

Are You Out of Gas?

A lot of motorists, once during their life, run out of fuel when they’re on the road.

This is a simple dilemma to correct.

Your driver will pour in a gallon or so of gasoline from the supply he has on his truck.

And you then have enough to make it to a gas station.

Roadside Flat Tire Repair

If your vehicle has a flat tire problem, it’s possible someone can deal with it right at your location.

If your vehicle has a decent and properly inflated spare, and your car is sitting in a safe and secure location, you may be able to basically trade your spare for your flat and then keep going on your way.

There are times when you will learn you can’t put your spare on and instead need to move your car somewhere else to have the bad tire taken off and fixed or upgraded.

Car Locksmith

It’s fairly easy to accidentally lock the keys in your car or in your trunk.

A car locksmith spends their work day trying to get into locked autos.

Many tow operators also know some of the same methods.

They have tools that can help them effectively unlock a vehicle.

Arrange a Tow for Another Day

Got a car or truck in your driveway that will not run right?

Need to have it moved somewhere?

Why not schedule a day to get it done.

Want to move either your, or somebody else’s, vehicle off your property? Discover what you can do.

Sunnyside Towing Services

Once the tow truck gets to you and your car, your driver will either load up and move your vehicle to a good place where it can get serviced, or will work to put it back on the street quickly.

In case your car or truck can’t be driven because of a mechanical or engine situation, you can haul it to whatever repair garage or local mechanic you like.

And if you don’t know of a dependable local garage, your driver will have a suggestion or two.

The same principle pertains to body damage.

If your vehicle is dented or damaged resulting from an accident, either your insurance agency or the other driver’s insurance company will advise you to have it taken to a specific body shop.

If nobody has told you where you should have your vehicle delivered to, your friendly driver knows of some first rate body shops in the local area.

I Haven’t Got Any Cash

Not a problem. Tow services can accept credit cards.

You can find out the precise rates right on the phone too.

Reaching Your Location Fast

As you can imagine, many tow drivers will already be on the roads around the greater Portland area taking care of another driver’s vehicle.

After you call, you get placed in line to be the next one serviced.

Your vehicle operator will work to do whatever he can to come to your location as quick as possible.

He understands you need to have your condition remedied as soon as possible.

The Parts of Mulnomah and Clackamas Which are Serviced

Drivers get out to a large part of south and east Portland.

Helping out vehicle owners in Happy Valley, Sunnyside and the 97086 zip code.


Typical Service Area

Regularly helping out motorists in these areas: Happy Valley, Sunnyside and the 97086 zip.

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