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Got some car trouble?

There’s a tow truck likely near by.

Find Help With These Problems Around Oregon:

  • Need a tow east of Portland? Just Call.
  • Dead car battery? Get your vehicle started.
  • Out of fuel? A gallon or two can be on the way.
  • Got a flat tire? Have it swapped out or be hauled somewhere.
  • Keys locked in vehicle? Get it opened.

Easiest Tow in Town

If you spend any time driving around our town, you may have passed one of these local trucks before.

Find a friendly, local company which has helped out many stranded motorists during the last couple of years.

If you have a disabled car or some other problem, there’s someone close by who will help you out too.

Look for a Local Tow Operator

Car Getting Towed

We’ve all experienced that sensation of not being able to just get in your car or truck and take off.

We understand that every minute you are sitting and watching for someone to show up and take care of your car feels more like five to ten minutes.

Your tow operator will do everything they can to reach you fast.

All the drivers have lots of experience, they understand how to take care of your car or truck.

And their trucks are safe and up-to-date.

There are state or Oregon regulations and rules concerning how a tow truck driver does their job.

Your driver will observe each of these rules.

Your driver should be able to deal with whatever difficulty your car has – drained battery, flat tire, keys locked in it or just not running.

He will haul you where you need to take your car or get you going in your own car if it is something he can fix on the spot.

Emergency Towing Service in Gresham

If some type of accident or mechanical trouble has you sitting along the edge of the highway or in a parking lot, a nearby tow driver can safely pick up your car or truck and carry it where it should be.

When your tow operator comes to collect, move and drop your car, he treats it carefully.

He is trained to behave like it’s his own car.

After Hours Battery Jump Start east of Portland

Does your battery sound dead? Nothing happen when you push the start button or turn the key?

Your tow operator should be able to get your car started. He will use his charger battery to get you started.

Then, once you are up and running, the engine will re-charge your battery while you drive.

In a few situations, a jump start won’t fix the problem.

In these scenarios, the issue is frequently not with the battery, so your driver will have to tow the vehicle to whatever auto mechanic you prefer and they can figure out the condition.

Gas Tank on Empty

It will happen to many people one time.

We somehow manage to run out of gas.

If this happens to you, you can have some fuel delivered to your car and get you to a service station.

I Got a Flat Tire in East Portland

Flat tire situations are corrected in one of two means.

If the vehicle has a good and inflated spare, and the vehicle is located in a good spot, you may just change the flat tire right on the spot.

Sometimes, a car or truck is stranded in an unsafe area to work on it, or the car doesn’t have a workable spare tire in the trunk.

In those scenarios, your operator will have to transport the car to a good tire shop or mechanic to have the flat repaired or swapped out.

Car Locksmith

With electronic locks, it’s becoming harder to lock your keys inside your car, but it still happens.

Having them drop into the trunk is a fairly common experience.

Tow operators can get inside a good number of locked automobiles.

They have specialized tools and they have enough experience doing it, so they are usually productive at opening up most vehicles.

No Emergency Situation – I Want To Schedule a Tow for Another Day

If you have a car parked somewhere and it isn’t running right, and you need to have it fixed, why don’t you arrange a time for a tow service to get it and take it where you want it to go.

Want to move either your, or another person’s, vehicle off your property? Discover what you can do.

Your Towing Service In Gresham

Your operator’s end goal is to either take your vehicle to a auto mechanic where it will get worked on, or possibly do one simple thing to help you get back on your way right away.

A lot of people haven’t needed to have their truck or car at a mechanic recently, so they might not know where to move the car to get worked on.

In those circumstances, you can ask your truck operator for a few suggestions.

When you can’t drive your vehicle because of physical damage from an accident, he can haul it wherever you like, but the insurance company adjuster will most likely give you a short list of appropriate places.

But if you do not know where to take it yet, your driver knows about the most popular body repair shops around the city.

He would suggest one or more of them that could help with your repair.

Not Enough Cash to Cover a Tow?

No cash today? Tow operators accept many major credit cards.

The costs are very affordable and are based on the services you need plus a mileage rate.

Calling a Dispatcher

Nearly all trucks are normally somewhere around Portland helping out some other car owner now.

Their expected time of arrival will depend a lot on the outcome of their existing procedure.

Your vehicle operator will do what he can to get to you quickly.

He truly recognizes that being stranded in a parking area or at the roadside is not any fun.

What Portions of Multnomah County Are Easily Serviced?

Drivers get to many portions of the greater Portland area.

You may observe trucks working in local neighborhoods such as Gresham and the 97030 and 97080 zip codes.


Typical Service Area

If your car is in one of these areas: Gresham or the 97030 or 97080 zips.

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