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Are you stuck in your car someplace in Clark County?

There is possibly a truck and a driver close by. Why not call.

Do You Need One of these Services?

  • 24 / 7 towing in Landover Sharmel
  • Jumpstarting a dead battery
  • Vehicle unlocking when you lock your keys in the car
  • Flat tire fixing
  • Gas delivery when you run out of gas

A Little About Your Local Tow Service

Freeway Service Call

If you drive around much, you might have seen the trucks in action motorists around the city.

Get connected to what might be the nicest, fastest tow in town.

If you are with a disabled vehicle or just want to set up a tow, a nearby service could give you a hand.

Why Call

Car troubles are annoying. And they never take place at a convenient time either.

We know the negative situation a car problem can place you in. Your tow truck operator works to get to you as fast as he can.

Tow truck operators drive clean and modern trucks. Plus they are equipped with all the tools they might need. Once at your location, the driver places the security of people and your car above everything else.

Tow companies and operators have to comply with Washington and city laws and rules. Drivers follow these regulations on every service call.

Your driver will provide a tow, jumpstart your battery, open your locked auto, deliver some gas, swap a tire, whatever needs doing.

Affordable Towing Service in Fircrest and Marrion

If it isn’t realistic to drive your car, and your tow operator can’t correct the problem right there, he will pick it up and cart it over to any body shop or auto mechanic you like.

Your tow operator will handle your car like it’s his own. He will load, move and drop off your vehicle carefully and safely.

My Car Has a Dead Battery

Thinking you got a dead car battery? It happens more and more with these newer cars and their electronics. If you can’t get any noise at all while you try and start it, it is probably a bad battery.

Once your driver hooks his charger battery up to your battery, the car should start up right away. Then, as it runs, the engine will charge up the battery to the appropriate amount.

If your vehicle still doesn’t start while he is jump starting it, your trouble could be a different part of the starter system. In the event that occurs, he will just take your car to where it needs to go to get fixed.

Out of Gas in Mountain View and Fircrest

Keeping enough fuel in our gas tank isn’t really a difficult job, but it’s fairly easy to run out of gasoline when you’re busy and distracted with other things.

If you’re stranded because your tank is on “E”, a tow operator will bring you enough gas to help make it to a service station.

Flat Tire Repair

If the conditions are right, you might be able to swap out your bad tire with your spare.

There will be times, however, when the vehicle does not have a workable spare tire, or the vehicle is sitting in a spot where it would be relatively hazardous to work on it, then your driver will have to tow the car to a tire retailer.

Car Lock Out Service

Have you unconsciously locked your keys in your car? Don’t have use of your second set?

Car locksmiths have some strategies to getting into a locked car or truck. Some tow truck operators can also get into a great number of locked cars. It takes the proper tool, some experience and a little luck.

Don’t Need an Emergency Tow – Want to Set up One for Later?

If you have an automobile that isn’t working, and you want to get it fixed, you can determine a future day and time for somebody to come over and haul it to the repair center you choose.

When there is a strange truck or car parked at your property, there are rules regarding what you can do. Find out about the options.

Your Neighborhood Towing Service

The purpose of a tow service is to either transport your vehicle where it has to be in order to get fixed, or to do what is necessary to have you back on your way fast.

If your car has a mechanical challenge and you do not know the best place to take your car, your driver will usually be aware of a pair of decent mechanics he can suggest.

If you got some physical damage from an accident and now you can’t drive your car, either your or the other driver’s insurance company might have a repair shop they would like you to use.

But when you aren’t absolutely sure where you should get your vehicle towed to, your friendly driver knows of the busiest auto body repair shops.

I Haven’t Got Enough Cash

No problem. Tow services gladly receive credit cards.

You can discover the actual rates right over the phone.

Getting to Your Location Fast

Most trucks are out on the highways around Clark County aiding another vehicle owner most of the time. After you call, the closest truck will be assigned to you as soon as possible.

Your tow operator will do whatever he can to trim your waiting time. He knows sitting and waiting for a service call isn’t much fun.

Is There a Truck in the Area?

Tow operators get assigned out all around south Clark County.

Happy to help out car owners in Fircrest, Burton Ridge, Ellsworth, Mountain View, Ellsworth Springs, Marrion, Landover Sharmel and the 98683, 98684 and 98664 zips.


Typical Service Area

If you are in one of these areas, find out how fast you can get help: Ellsworth, Ellsworth Springs, Marrion, Landover Sharmel, Mountain View, Burton Ridge, plus the 98664, 98684 and 98683 zip codes.

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