Cully and Northeast Portland Towing Company

Car problem spoiling your day?

You can contact a tow truck, and it’s probably near by.

Here’s the Stuff Tow Operators Engage in:

  • Around the clock towing near Alameda and Bridgeton
  • Jump start your dead battery and get your vehicle started
  • Take off a flat tire and put on your spare
  • Deliver some gas when you run out
  • Unlock your locked car when your keys are inside

24-Hour Roadside Services for Motorists

You’ve probably noticed one of these local trucks on the road before.

Each local company will try to supply friendly and inexpensive service to motorists around Portland.

If you’re having a vehicle problem, someone can help you out.

Right For Your Roadside Situation

Looking for the nearest tire shop to replace a tire

If you can’t use your car, it can immediately convert your good day into a pretty bad day.

We realize how time appears to go slow when you’re sitting in a car that won’t run. Once the local dispatcher speaks to you, their next available driver will be dispatched to your location.

All the drivers have sufficient experience, they know how to take care of your car or truck. And their trucks are safe and up-to-date.

In our area, there are rules tow operators are asked to comply with.

A few troubles will be able to get corrected on the spot – deliver some fuel, jump start a battery, change a tire, open up a locked car – but your driver may need to pick up and carry a car which has a bigger mechanical complication.

After Hours Towing In Cully and Concordia

If a technical problem has you and your car or truck sitting in a parking lot or by some road somewhere, someone can come to your location and get it going or move it to where it needs to go.

You really like your car or truck. Your driver understands that. He will take care of your vehicle carefully when he loads it up and leaves it off at its destination.

Jump Starting a Dead Battery Near Cully or Park Rose

Do you think your car has a dead battery? Will not start – dim or no lights?

If you’re able to attach a working battery to yours, your vehicle should start. Then as you drive it, the battery will recharge.

If your operator can’t start your vehicle by jumping the battery, maybe the battery isn’t the real issue. He probably can’t fix a mechanical problem out on the road, so he will need to haul you and your car someplace where a mechanic can identify and repair your problem.

Gas Tank on E

Lots of people have almost run out of gas once before. It usually only happens one time though.

If you don’t have a good friend you can phone that will deliver a container of gas to you, you could phone a tow service. Their trucks always have extra cans of fuel.

Flat Tires

An individual can often fix a flat tire right on the spot. If your spare tire is totally inflated and your auto is in a good, safe spot, you may be able to take off the flat tire and put on the spare tire. Then you’re back on your way.

Not all cars have a ready spare tire. And sometimes cars get flat tires in locations where it might be risky to try and jack up and change a tire, so your tow operator may decide to haul your vehicle to a tire shop in those circumstances.

Car Unlocking Service Near Roseway or Sunderland

Some of us have mistakenly shut the trunk with our keys inside it or found some other way to lock our keys inside the vehicle.

There’s a few ways to get into a locked automobile. With some knowledge, the correct tool and some luck, many tow drivers and car locksmiths can open up a locked vehicle door.

Make a Date to Tow a Car Near Woodlawn or Cully

If you own a car or truck in your driveway or at the workplace and it is not running right, you can pick a day and time for a truck to come out and haul it to whatever auto mechanic or service center you want.

Is someone parking a car at your place or blocking use of your property? Want to find out what you can do? Grab your phone when you have a few moments.

The Towing Company You Call In Northeast Portland

In some situations, your driver can get you back in your vehicle and out on the road, but, in lots of other cases, he will need to load your vehicle up and move it to your favorite auto repair shop.

If you have a mechanical problem, but you don’t have a mechanic you have used before and trust, your driver might be able to suggest a couple for you to consider.

If your auto has been involved in an accident, usually an insurance adjuster will tell you about which repair shop to take it to.

But if you weren’t instructed where to take it, and you haven’t any preferences, your driver will propose one or two body shops that he has heard good opinions about.

I’m Not Carrying Enough Cash

It’s no problem if you don’t have cash. Tow drivers can take your credit card.

There are straightforward, transparent rates. Get great service at a low cost.

Get Fast Assistance

The majority of trucks are out on the roadways around Multnomah County aiding someone else much of the time. As soon as you call, the closest truck will be dispatched at the earliest opportunity.

If you’re locked out of your car or unable to get your car going, your operator realizes how you would like to get the situation resolved fast. He will do everything he can to get to you quickly.

Which Areas of Multnomah Can You Get Service To?

One can find service trucks working in many parts of Portland.

Working with drivers in places such as Alameda, Concordia, Bridgeton, Park Rose, Sunderland, Roseway, Woodlawn and their 97213, 97024, 97218 and 97220 zips.


Typical Service Area

Regularly helping out motorists in these areas: Cully, Alameda, Concordia, Bridgeton, Roseway, Park Rose, Sunderland, Woodlawn and the 97213, 97024, 97220 and 97218 zip codes.

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