Find a Portland Towing Service

Is a car issue ruining your day?

We can help you find a tow truck, and it’s probably close by.

Help With These Problems in NW Oregon and SW Washington:

  • 24/7 towing near Portland and Vancouver
  • Car unlocks
  • Deliver some gas
  • Fix a flat tire
  • Jumpstart a dead battery

Motorist Services

It is possible you may have seen one of these local trucks out on the road helping out another motorist.

Find the nicest and speediest towing provider in Oregon.

Tow operators aren’t perfect, but they have a hard job and they try hard.

If you’re having a bad day, and you need the help of a tow truck, there’s someone who is able to help.

No Reason to Delay

Two Door Car Being Towed off the Highway

We’ve all experienced that sensation of not being able to get in your car or truck and drive.

We know that every minute you’re sitting and waiting for someone to show up and take care of your car seems more like five to ten minutes.

Your driver will do everything they can to arrive at you faster.

Contemporary trucks are neat and modern. The drivers are diligent and knowledgeable.

Local drivers from different companies understand and observe all Oregon, Washington and city municipal laws and regulations.

Your tow driver is equipped for pretty much any of the wide-spread troubles you may be experiencing with your auto – dead battery, flat tire, keys locked inside, out of gas, or whatever problem that is keeping your vehicle from going.

Road Side Service Towing near Portland

Once you call, somebody will come to where you are, properly pick up your car, move it and drop it off at the body shop or mechanic of your choosing.

Your tow operator will handle your car or truck with respect.

He will pick it up, transport it and drop it off as carefully and as safely as he can.

Jump Start My Battery Here in Portland

Can’t get your car started? Not making any noise at all when you try to start it?

If someone hooks up a working battery to your dead one, your vehicle should start instantly.

Once it’s running, your weak battery will become recharged by the engine.

On the other hand, if your vehicle will not start while he has the supplemental battery hooked up to it, then the problem is usually something else.

And then he’ll transport your car to a mechanic or garage who can diagnose it.

Gas Tank on Empty

It really shouldn’t come up, but it can.

We get busy and neglect the fuel gauge and we run out of gas. It can happen.

Your tow driver normally carries spare fuel, so he will just give you enough to help you get to the gas station and get filled up.

Got a Flat Tire Near Portland?

Flat tires happen.

Unless you have run-flat tires on your vehicle, you might have to overcome a bad tire once during your driving lifetime.

In some instances, somebody can probably remove your bad tire and replace it with your spare.

If your driver concludes that swapping the flat tire isn’t the sound option, he will pick up and tow the car to your local tire shop.

There it can get replaced or repaired.

Unlocking My Locked Car

Unconsciously lock your keys in your car? It can happen.

Tow truck operators have special auto unlocking instruments they use to open up your locked car or truck.

In some cases the procedure is tougher than other times.

However they can usually get the job done and get it unlocked.

Schedule a Tow for Some Other Time

If there is a car in your driveway that isn’t road-worthy and you need it repaired, why not arrange a time to have someone drive over and transport it for you?

If you have a car or truck sitting on your property and it isn’t yours, there are polices about what you can do.

Why not learn about your options?

Towing Services Around Multnomah County

When the driver reaches your location, he will begin to pick up and take your vehicle to an auto mechanic where it could get fixed, or maybe he is able to fix the problem right there.

Even if you can take your vehicle anyplace you want, sometimes folks don’t really know where to take their car.

In these cases, your driver may suggest a couple of destinations if you want.

Automobiles dented or damaged during an accident need to be towed too.

In some cases insurance companies have specific body repair shops they want the body work done at.

But when you don’t have a body repair shop in mind yet, your driver will have a testimonial or two.

He has delivered plenty of cars before. He knows which shops are the most common.

Got No Cash?

Many car owners pay with their credit card. Not a problem.

You can get the details about the easy-to-understand pricing on the phone when you call.

Calling a Dispatcher

Nearly all tow drivers are out helping other Multnomah County motorists at this time.

So their time of arrival to you can fluctuate determined by where they are right now.

Everybody understands you want to have your situation remedied as fast as possible.

Your vehicle driver will do all he can to get to your location as quick as he can.

Need to Call For Help in NW Oregon?

Service trucks get sent to trouble spots all over the city.

Tow operators work with motorists in areas such as downtown Portland, Beckman, Homestead, Pearl District, Southwest Hills, Chinatown and Old Town.

Drivers can also go out to the suburbs of Cully, Hazelwood, Irvington, Maplewood, Northwest-Portland, Powellhurst, Richmond, Sellwood-Moreland, and the neighboring cities of Beaverton, Tigard, Gresham, Oregon City, Happy Valley, Lake Oswego, Hillsboro, and up to Vancouver, Washington. And if you’re up in the Bay Area, you can find one in San Francisco or San Jose.

Service is Available Around the City:

  • Cully
  • Hazelwood
  • Irvington
  • Maplewood
  • Powellurst
  • Richmond
  • Sellwood-Moreland
  • Beaverton OR
  • Tigard
  • Gresham OR
  • Oregon City
  • Happy Valley
  • Lake Oswego
  • Hillsboro OR

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